Consulting engineers
Apsilon has vast experience working as consulting engineers within the fields of infrastructure and process technology.
Apsilons core experience are in the areas of rail:

- Signalling Systems (Interlocking)
- Control Systems
- Traffic Management Systems (TMS)
- Validation and Assessment
- Project Management
- Commissioning
- Configuration Management (SW/HW)

We offer our clients independent, targeted and individual consultancy. We aim at practical and concrete solutions

  ERTMS - The future
Since 2010 Apsilon has actively participated in the large Banedanmark project “The signalling programme” which purpose is to replace all signal- and interlocking systems on the Danish national railway system to apply to The European Traffic Management System (ERTMS Level2). Since 2013 Apsilon has been part of the norwegian ERTMS project.

The competencies that Apsilon holds in ERTMS cover many expert professions and services e.g.:

- TMS (Traffic Management Systems)
- Interlocking
- Signalling Principles
- Migration and interfaces
- System and subsystems requirements
- User Interface (HMI)
- Operational Rules
Apsion has in many years offered technical expert assessment and since year 2012 offered CSM Assessment (Commen Safety Method) within railway related areas. Through a close collaboration with top technical experts in assessment Apsilon is capable of delivering assessor teams to large and minor railway projects that cover all relevant expert professions within assessment.

- CSM Assessment
- Technical expert assessment


From the 01.04.2014 Apsilon has been sold to Danish consulting company COWI. Apsilon employees and managemet will move to COWI offices in respectively Vejle and Lyngby (COWI head office). All agreements and contracts with customers, subconstrators and suppliers will be taken over by COWI.

The physical movement and activating of new contact data (email, phone number) will take place 11.4.2014.

1. August 2013:
Apsilon starts in Norway in the Norwegian ERTMS project. The project are in the phase where tender documents are being prepared.

1. May 2013:
Apsilon A/S and the norwegian company AnaCon AS has made a collaboration agreement to ensure the two companies a stronger common platform, especially in Denmark and Norway. 

20. December 2012:
1. January 2013 Apsilon extends its assessement department by taking over Apsitech A/S' CSM assessement department and assignments.

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